Frisco Student Services is here to support you with a variety of services to enhance your academic coursework and life outside of the classroom.

At UNT at Frisco, we strive to help students achieve academic and career related successes and overall wellbeing.
Career and professional development workshops are frequently available each semester.
The Student Health and Wellness Center is the on-campus medical clinic for UNT students.
Earn the Frisco Engage graduation cords and a graduation medallion by completing all 6 modules! The Frisco engage program can be started as soon as you start your first semester of classes at UNT at Frisco.

Student Resources

Find out about resources to help you succeed! The student services team is here to help you with academics, wellness, money managment, and navigating life as a university student.

UNT at Frisco is your campus and your experience. We take student feedback very seriously; if there is something that does not appear on the programs or services list that you think would be beneficial, please let us know. We appreciate your involvement!  UNT at Frisco strives to provide you with the best campus experience possible, and your feedback is much appreciated. 

To make an appointment with Student Services, please call the front desk 972-668-7100 or email  

To meet with one of our Advisors, please go to navigate and schedule an appointment.