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On Campus (Only in Frisco)
Est. time to complete:

3 years
Credit Hours:

Use innovative thinking, data and technology to transform businesses and change the world.
With a degree in Project Design and Analysis, you graduate with real-world experience in just three years. Work in small-group settings with highly involved faculty and businesses. This degree gives you project management skills to confidently face business problems or design needs in any industry.

Why earn a degree in Project Design and Analysis Degree?

UNT’s Project Design and Analysis degree offers cutting-edge, hands-on learning with a 3-year program that equips students with real-world experience that they can apply to their careers. PDA students will master applicable skills from reading data to project management, all of which are critical to any industry for profit or not for profit. Practice real business improvements with start to finish collaborative team thinking, communication, and time management with your team in the PDA degree program.

This program will equip you with skills businesses need for innovation, such as critical thinking, proficiency in tools that produce solutions and the ability to create new products or services for customers in business-to-business or business-to-consumer settings. UNT’s program offers you the chance to:

  • Add impressive work experience to your resume with three internship opportunities built into the required courses.
  • Partner with professionals to design business plans that deliver immediate impact.
  • Gain skills in project management, design thinking and data analysis.
  • Network with local organization partners during field trips and events.
  • Make lifelong friends with members of your cohort.

You can also enjoy built-in benefits such as:

  • Automatic class registration
  • Academic advising and career coaching
  • One-on-one attention from a cohort facilitator
Marketable Skills
  • Project management
  • Design thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Professional leadership
  • Professional communication

Project Design and Analysis Degree Highlights

Meet the business your team will work with to deliver immediate impact.
Experience highly involved faculty and business employees in your project management, design thinking and data analysis skills. Gone are the days of lectures with 100 students in a class.
Three internship opportunities to get real world experience before you graduate.
Graduate with skills you learned AND practiced inside businesses.
Get hands-on advanced practice in data analysis­ — you can forecast, problem-solve or monitor success with key performance measures.
Incoming high school graduates begin building lifelong friends with members of the program.

What can you do with a degree in Project Design and Analysis?

Graduate with real-world projects, internships and experiences that will help you qualify for high demand jobs such as:

  • Brand manager
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Social media marketer
  • Solutions architect
  • User experience architect

Project Design and Analysis Degree Courses You Could Take

Applied Design Thinking (3 hrs)
Introduces students to the field of design, how designers approach and address issues, and explores design as a practice, process, proposal, and product.
Applied Strategic Design (3 hrs)
Explores future-oriented design principles that help organizations become more innovative and competitive, such as forecasting and futures thinking to address current or future challenges.
Mixed Methods Research (3 hrs)
An integration of quantitative and qualitative analysis provides a more complete and synergistic utilization of data. Includes interaction between qualitative and quantitative strands, and convergent, explanatory, exploratory and embedded design.
Integrative Seminar IProfessional Practices (3 hrs)
This course introduces basics of personal and professional practice and prepares students for their first internship.
Integrative Seminar IIStrategies of Growth (3 hrs)
Establish habits for sustained reflection and personal growth. Explore the behaviors relative to personal and professional achievement success.
Connections I: Collaborative Thinking (3 hrs):
Students integrate core knowledge and skills with theories of collaborative thinking and idea generation.

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