UNT at Frisco is committed to having representation for all! With both Student (STAND) and Faculty/Staff (DAI) organizations, UNT at Frisco ensures every voices is heard.
If you would like to join one of our organizations, or learn more about what we are doing to represent Diversity and Inclusion on campus, you can find more information below:

Upcoming events


Mid-Semester Check-In: Halfway!

We are halfway through the spring semester, join us for a Mid-Semester Check-In pick up event! Pick up our check-in packet to find out where you and what academic and professional programs are available to help you meet your goals. Included in your packet will be treats and tools to help you make it May.

Resume Workshop and Review

Do you have questions about your resume? Join us on Zoom to get some helpful tips! There will be time for you to ask questions about your resume after we go over some general tips and tricks.  

Cover Letter Writing

Do you have trouble writing cover letters for job applications? This workshop is designed to give you the tips you need in order to successfully craft a cover letter for your next job application. Register for this event HERE!

Preparing for an Internship

Getting ready for an internship? This workshop will help you know what to expect and how you can prepare to get the most out of the experience. Register for this event HERE!


Because of our proximity to some of the world’s top companies and industries, UNT at Frisco is focused on industry collaboration and engagement. We want to partner with industries and businesses to identify workforce demands and provide the programs and courses that will deliver the workforce of tomorrow.

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