UNT at Frisco is committed to having representation for all! With both Student (STAND) and Faculty/Staff (DAI) organizations, UNT at Frisco ensures every voice is heard.
If you would like to join one of our organizations, or learn more about what we are doing to represent Diversity and Inclusion on campus, you can find more information below:

Upcoming events


LinkedIn and Networking

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking site. Do you have or would like to have a LinkedIn account? Join us to learn how LinkedIn can boost your ability to network and effectively job search.  

UNT at Frisco Open House

This virtual event highlights the current undergraduate programs and resources that are offered at our UNT at Frisco branch campus. Here you'll be able to meet with representatives from our respected programs, UNT Admissions, Student Services, Career Center, and Advising.

Discover Frisco

Taking a class in Frisco this semester? Live close to our Frisco campus and want to learn more about what it has to offer?

Plan Your Semester- Time Management

Learn how to get the most out of your time this semester. In this workshop, you learn different ways to manage your time to fit in studying, work, and fun. Time Management kits will be available for attendees.


Because of our proximity to some of the world’s top companies and industries, UNT at Frisco is focused on industry collaboration and engagement. We want to partner with industries and businesses to identify workforce demands and provide the programs and courses that will deliver the workforce of tomorrow.

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