Are you hungry, need a place to stay, or not sure what your rights are in a situation? Student support doesn't end at the door. UNT has resources and services available to students that can help with all the other problems that come up.

UNT at Frisco Food Pantry

If you are facing food insecurity or do not feel like you have the financial stability to buy sufficient groceries while in school, the UNT at Frisco Food Pantry is available for all students who may be dealing with food insecurity of any kind. Please stop by the welcome desk at Frisco Landing any time during operating hours or email to schedule a food pantry pick up! We have food items ranging from snacks to meals as well as menstrual and hygiene products. Confidentiality will be maintained for students visiting the food pantry; however, where appropriate, referrals to additional campus or community resources can be made.

UNT Off-Campus Student Services

Off-Campus Student Services sponsors several programs and activities to assist students in the entirety of their collegiate experience. They provide resources and services directed towards students who commute, live off campus or those who identify as part of the non-traditional student population, which include helping students find daycare, housing and where to take professional headshots.

Money Management

Do you need some help figuring out your finances? If you are ready to make a financial plan or are overwhelmed with your financial situation, the UNT Money Management Center is here for you. They provide services such as money coaching and connect students to support programs that help educate students on how to use their money wisely and can help you out in an emergency.

Student Legal Services

UNT Students have access to lawyers that can help you navigate your rights and give legal guidance. They can help with almost any issue from parking tickets, rental, immigration and much more.