Health & Wellness

Wellness is not just a weekend activity. To do your best in class you need to feel your best; and UNT is here to help. There are a variety of programs available to support your wellness outside of the classroom so that you can take care of business in the classroom.

Recreational Sports

Yoga, boot camps, and other fitness classes are offered in person and virtually though the UNT Recreation Center. There are a variety of other activities offered as well to help you get out and get moving. Check the Frisco Events Calendar for monthly workout schedule. Some of the activities they sponsor include: 

  • Intramural teams
  • Outdoor Pursuits – camping, kayaking, and more
  • Virtual Fitness
  • eSports team

Mental Health & Counseling

Are you going through a hard time, need someone to help you put it in perspective, help making a big decision, or want to understand your own behavior better? The UNT Psychology clinic is available to all UNT student and community. Their services are offered on a sliding scale depending on income.

To set up an appointment call, call (940) 565-2741 and ask for Frisco availability. For more information and resources including Therapy Assistance Online, anonymous mental health screenings, read more here

Licensed Psychologist are available via virtual meetings. Contact the UNT Psychology Clinic to find out more and schedule an appointment. 

Other Resources

Student Health and Wellness Center

The Student Health and Wellness Center in Chestnut Hall, on the Denton Campus, offers a variety of services to students and a reduced cost. Some of these include:

  • Dietetic Consultations
  • Women’s Health & Gynecology
  • ADD / ADHD therapy and treatment
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory testing
  • X-ray

Student Health Insurance

Are you ready for the unexpected? With health insurance unexpected expenses can be minimized. If you need coverage you can join the UNT Student Health Insurance plan. Our plan can be used at any doctor’s office that accepts United Health Care Student Resources. Visit to learn about benefits, costs, and terms.

UNT Speech and Hearing Clinic

The UNT Speech and Hearing Center provides professional diagnostic and treatment for the UNT community in speech-language pathology and audiology. Located at the UNT Denton campus they offer services including accent reduction, speech pathology, and hearing. To inquire about services call 940-565-2262 or email