Academic Support

UNT at Frisco has the resources to ensure that every student as an equal opportunity to complete their time on campus with academic excellence. Students have total access to any help they may need with academics including tutoring, writing support, test proctoring and academic accommodations.


UNT Learning Center

The UNT at Frisco Learning Center has multiple resources available to all students. Some of the services UNT at Frisco provides are: 

  • Individual Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching

For more information on Learning Center resources, please visit the UNT Learning Center.

Tutoring is available for Fall 2022! Follow the link below to learn more about what your options are.


UNT Writing Center for Frisco students

UNT provides a writing lab for all students, even those on branch campuses. Trained tutors can help you both online and in person.

Undergraduate Tutoring

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Citation Styles
  • Personal Statements

Graduate Tutoring

  • Course Papers
  • Publications
  • Theses
  • Dissertations

Online Tutoring is available to students Monday-Thursday from 9AM- 9PM. and Fridays from 9AM- 3PM.

To find out what other writing support UNT offers, visit the UNT Writing Center.

Office of Disability Access

The Office of Disability Access (ODA) works to prevent discrimination based on disability by determining what accommodations are appropriate and impactful for eligible students. Any student seeking accommodation must first register with the ODA before receiving their accommodation. To register with the ODA and request accommodations students should log onto the AIM system. If you have difficulty logging in or need guidance in accessing disability accommodation, please email

After registering and meeting with your ODA Student Services Coordinator, you will be given a letter of accommodation. The letter will detail your accommodation and how to access it at the UNT at Frisco campus.

For any further questions on disability accommodation, please contact UNT ODA or email Marly Jordan at

If your ADA standards are not met through the UNT Office of Disability Access, please follow the Grievance Information instructions on the UNT website to file a complaint.

Professional and Acadmeic Testing Center

UNT at Frisco offers test proctoring for students at the University. If you are a student needing to take an on-campus exam for a specific professor or class, please contact for more information.

If you are a professor needing a test to be proctored, please contact or call the front desk at 972-668-7100.

The UNT Gateway Testing Center in Denton offers a variety of professional and academic tests. Some of the tests offered include the TSI, GRE, TOEFL, and they also offer proctoring services for professional certifications. To see all exams that the UNT Gateway Center has to offer, please visit the UNT Testing Exams Page.

For all other questions regarding the UNT testing center in Denton, visit the UNT Testing Page.

To schedule an appointment with the UNT testing center, please login to Navigate.