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UNT at Frisco is focused on degree programs that prepare students for in-demand jobs and position themselves to advance their careers. Our transfer friendly programs build on your experiences to develop the skills you need quick.

Programs like the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (B.A.A.S.) accept more transfer credit, like workforce & military programs, than traditional degrees meaning you can finish faster and spend less. With over 250 course sections available, students now have more flexibility to pursue an education that fits their needs and interests.

Contact and Admissions Counselor for more information about how UNT at Frisco can help support the future you have been working toward.

UNT at Frisco Open House

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

This is where you'll learn about our unique programs that focus on career development and project-based learning. Our helpful staff and faculty will take you through the steps of the admissions application process and provide in-depth information about degrees offered at UNT at Frisco.

Attendees will have a chance to be entered into a drawing for UNT at Frisco swag, an application fee waiver or scholarship drawing to win a $250, $500 or $700 tuition credit during the event.

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Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)


Not everyone takes the same path to earning their bachelor's degree. Learn more about how the Applied Arts and Sciences program's incredible flexibility adapts to work for you.


Combine any 3 concentrations that identify with your personality, interests and career goals. You can use concentrations we have already developed, or create a new one in collaboartion with your academic advisor.


Your 60 hours transfers to complete the BAAS with just another 60 hours we save your time and money on the way to getting career ready.


Your transfer choices give you skills in some of the fastest growing fields for careers, and our concentrations give you the edge you need, including:

  • Digital Management: It goes without saying that our world today is a digital world. Becoming a professional in digital management requires strong communication skills, understanding the customer and using behavioral data to visualize opportunities for the company that employs you.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management: In today's world supplies must flow seamlessly regardless of industry. Learn and practice the skills to be an expert at both domestic and international logistics systems. Topics include transportation, warehousing, inventory control, materials handling and packaging, and plant and warehouse locations within and between firms.
  • Business Management: Learn to lead a socially responsible organization. There is a drive to create and work for socially responsible companies. Courses include topics help you acquire skills in developing an organization around the ethics of a socially responsible company.
  • Human Resources: Human resources is the engine that recruits and develops talent for the organization. Skills include identifying traits for success, managing challenges and recognizing performance.
  • Business Foundations: Every business leader must have fundamental skills to run an organization. Our business foundations concentration has topics in finance, marketing, legal and ethical issue and especially analytical skills to successfully guide your company to achieve its goals.

Concentrations can be created in collaboration with your academic advisor to meet your needs and use your skills and background to your advantage. This means you won't need to take extra classes and can build additional concentrations that fit you.

Visit the B.A.A.S website for more information on how UNT at Frisco can provide the courses you need for the degree you want.