UNT at Frisco’s faculty, staff, and students stand together in a unified belief that racial violence and inequality must come to an end. We will not sit silently while our marginalized communities are treated unjustly. We hear you and see you and we grieve with you.

In order to move more into advocacy and action, UNT at Frisco seeks innovative student leaders to be active participants in the development and implementation of branch campus guidelines and norms. We are asking students to come forward and be a voice for change. To ensure this is a lasting change, UNT at Frisco is asking our students to create a new student organization that can maintain this process.

The mission of this organization will be:

  • To hear all perspectives to ensure everyone is represented.
  • To maintain organization transparency all organization meetings will be public.
  • To regularly host an open forum to listen to the concerns of our student community, administration, staff, faculty, and find support by building dialogue within our community.
  • To commit to educational programming opportunities where students can engage with writings and other works from authors of various backgrounds, and engage with the privileges we hold in each of our unique identities.
  • To build lasting community relationships.
  • To mentor future students in leadership and the importance of active participation

More information will be posted as soon as possible

We want to hear from you. To share your stories, questions or concerns, email us at untfrisco@unt.edu.

UNT at Frisco is dedicated to the work and growth required of us to help end racial violence and inequity and to create a more supportive, safe, and inclusive place of learning. This is the first step in an ongoing commitment that UNT at Frisco is a place of inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for every member of our community.

Become a part of changing UNT at Frisco

We want to meet UNT at Frisco students and empower them to have an impact. Use the form on this page to get involved.