Shari Childers, Ph.D

Associate Dean of New College

Dr. Shari Childers is an expert educator with 20+ years of experience helping people understand their audiences, find their voices, and shape powerful arguments. She actively seeks pedagogies that engage, excite, and empower people because she knows that guiding people as they discover how to think, speak, and advocate for themselves is the best work there is. She believes that education encourages intellectual and embodied participation in our most significant, shared creation—our future.

For her, education has always come first. She first taught at a local high school and then, while completing her PhD, at a variety of community colleges and local universities, gaining valuable perspectives on teaching both literature and rhetoric to a variety of learners. Her teaching experience encompasses the full range of learners from tenth graders to college undergrads, from developmental learner populations to advanced placement and honors students. She spent 10 years as faculty in the Department of English at UNT, and her teaching assignments at UNT have included traditional face-to-face courses, blended courses, and fully online courses.

Her initial research explored the confluence of literature, the environment, and gender, specifically the role that language plays in shaping and reshaping human interactions with our environments, communities, and with one another. She primarily investigated conceptions of sustainability in a variety of women’s literatures since 1850. Her passion for innovative teaching, though, has shifted her research focus. She now spends more time investigating best practices for supporting and mentoring faculty, collaborating across outdated boundaries to improve learner experiences, implementing project-based cohort education models, and developing programs for dual credit populations, each of which present significant challenges given the rigor and integrity Dr. Childers insists upon. This work has reinvigorated her own instructional experiences through new connections--with specific learner populations, with emerging technologies and implementation strategies, and with other engaged professionals, within and beyond the academy.

She recently moved to the UNT Frisco campus to be a part of the multi-disciplinary effort to provide project-based and team-based educational experiences through new and developing programs. Dr. Childers is one of the lucky few: she loves what she does.