Explore the intricacies of human behavior.

A degree in psychology is one of the most versatile pathways a student can choose. UNT at Frisco students are taught the intricacies of the psyche and are exposed to the ways this can be applied in numerous careers.

A Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Texas at Frisco can prepare you for an entry-level position in:

  • Community mental health facilities
  • Consumer advertising
  • Market research analysis
  • Personnel management
  • Public relations for large corporations

A degree in psychology can also prepare you to enter the medical profession, law, or seminary. To become a practicing psychologist, you will need to earn a master’s or doctoral degree. Some advanced level careers include:

  • Researcher studying psychological conditions associated with health and illness
  • School psychologists, industrial or organizational psychologists for large corporations, or experimental psychologists
  • Career in behavioral medicine, helping people improve their health
  • Opportunities at clinics, hospitals, community mental health agencies, universities or private practices
  • Forensic psychologist combining law and psychology

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