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If you're looking for an academic program that fits your career goals by blending multiple disciplines, a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies may be the right choice for you. Interdisciplinary Studies prepares you to examine and solve complex problems as you draw on knowledge and skills from more than one academic field. Whether you are preparing for a specialized career that demands broad training, or you seek a more global view of multifaceted issues for your own personal development, UNT's Master in Interdisciplinary Studies program may be the right choice for you. And this adaptable degree is now conveniently available through UNT at Frisco!

Whether you are a young recent graduate of a bachelor's program or have been in the workforce for years, you can hone your talents for future employment where broad knowledge, advanced research, and effective communication skills are in high demand. Through UNT's Interdisciplinary Studies program you will learn to sift through information and produce a body of work that synthesizes multiple perspectives, arriving at a more comprehensive understanding of the important issues. Employers recognize the value of individuals who are open-minded, and who call upon a wide array of unconventional tools to solve intricate problems.

General Degree Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Studies program offers you a high degree of flexibility in designing a program of study that cuts across disciplinary boundaries. Applicants to the master’s program can adopt one of two approaches - either a self-styled plan or a recognized concentration.

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