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The University of North Texas Information Science Ph.D. Program, responds to the varied and changing needs of an information age, increasing recognition of the central role of information and information technologies in individual, social, economic and cultural affairs. Graduates of the program are prepared to contribute to the advancement and evolution of the information society in a variety of roles and settings as administrators, researchers and educators.

The Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., degree is a research degree. It is awarded in recognition of original scholarship and the generation of new knowledge by immersion in a topic, analysis, synthesis and creativity. When a Ph.D. is awarded, the degree carries and bestows certain rights and responsibilities that relate in large measure to serving society by exploring, shedding light upon and resolving fundamental problems.

Coursework offered at UNT at Frisco

Students have the option to take some of their core Information Science Ph.D. course work at UNT at Frisco. These courses will be supplemented with online, synchronous, classes.

UNT at Frisco Classes are be offered in a hybrid format, starting online and meeting one Saturday each month on campus at UNT at Frisco. These full-day Saturday meetings are focused on collaboration between faculty and students and synergizing learning between courses. 

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Driven by Research and Collaboration

The program's structure deliberately encourages and supports interactions among students and faculty in different academic units. Faculty and doctoral students together pursue research in a variety of areas including but not limited to:

  • Philosophy and theories of information representation
  • Digital image retrieval
  • Metadata and organization of networked resources
  • Information technology standards development and application
  • Roles of user needs in information systems design
  • Technology-based social networking in corporate and cultural environments
  • Medical informatics
  • Information flow in corporate, biomedical, legal, and government settings

Concentration in Data Science

The Data Sciences Concentration includes coursework that responds to the varying needs of the information age and its implications. The concentration is being offered jointly with UNT Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences and UNT Department of Computer Science and Engineering with the ultimate goal of providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary training, research and professional services in consumer behavior and experience management. With this concentration, students will take courses that will prepare them for conducting research on critical issues in consumer behavior and related areas as they pertain to the information science perspective. View the Degree Plan for the Concentration in Data Science here.

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