Future proof your career

The University of North Texas at Frisco is innovating how the undergraduate degree can prepare students for the industries of the future. Industrial Distribution teaches an innovative worldview to students by blending modern issues and entrepreneurship with critical, systemic, and creative thinking.

Industrial Distribution applies mathematics, science, engineering technology, business, data processing, communications, quality, and supply chain management to industrial and commercial products. This differs from a traditional logistics degree because it incorporates the application of mathematics, science, engineering, business, and data.

The bottom line is that this degree will give you relevant, hands-on experience to gain a competitive edge in the job market for years to come.

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Courses that Prepare Students for Tomorrow

This degree offers an innovative and industry-focused experiential learning environment that will give students:

Broad-based Technical Expertise

  • Technical foundations of science, analysis, and manufacturing
  • Industry focused applications of physics, chemistry, and life sciences
  • Core business and management courses

Professional Development & Communications Skills

  • Story telling for strategic and professional communications
  • Team development
  • Visual Thinking

Innovative and creative worldviews

  • Complex and Systemic thinking
  • Digital trends in industrial distribution
  • Industrial innovation and ideation

Careers That Bridge Engineering and Business

Industrial Distribution graduates are positioned for traditional business and industry career paths, but they also will be trailblazers that can excel in careers such as:

  • Operations Management
  • Business-to-Business Relations, Purchasing, and Sales
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health Safety & Environmental Management
  • Maintenance & Reliability Analyst

Graduates in Industrial Distribution will be ready to take on leadership roles and become essential parts of the success of businesses of the future.

Continuous Innovation

The Industrial Distribution program is focused on continuous innovation and in demand skills that industries need. This commitment means that students will get:

  • Industry involvement in classrooms.
  • Internship support.
  • Experiential learning with real industry projects.