How to take care of your mind, body, and soul during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Staying in tune with yourself during social distancing

By Aliyaha Jones

Quarantine Blues

After sitting in my room bored out of my mind from being quarantined because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself constantly switching back and forth between social media apps and binge-watching shows on Netflix. After losing count of how many documentaries and movies I watched in one day, I seriously needed something new to do. I came across many helpful tips on how to not only keep yourself busy during this quarantine but how to also make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

What a Time to Organize and Prioritize

With social distancing guidelines extended until April 30, I took it upon myself to get some things done around my house that I had put off for weeks. Sitting down at my desk I wrote down a list of things I needed to do but never had the “time” to complete. The first thing on that list was decluttering my closet and living space. I put on my favorite playlist and went to work, getting rid of things I no longer wear or items that just didn’t really fit my style anymore. I then separated them into two different bins, one for donations and one for consignment. For the items around my house that were just taking up space, I either threw them away or added them to the donation bin.

UNT student scrolls through her Pinterest board, showing different DIY projects that bring life into your living space.


Routine me Please!

All that time I spent scrolling through social media apps finally became useful. I stumbled upon @plntbasedcutie’s twitter profile where she shared her daily quarantine routine that aligned with her personal goals. I then decided to create my own daily schedule.

The transition from in-person lectures to online classes and even work troubles can easily become a daily stressor in your life and it might seem almost impossible to stay motivated but here are a few things that I incorporated into my routine that have helped me significantly.

Instead of waking up and immediately checking my social media apps, avoid my phone for at least 30 minutes. If that’s taking a walk, making some breakfast, or practicing meditation, it allows me to stay in tune with myself, dreams and goals and also sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Eternal Sunshine is an amazing free app, that is available on Google Play and the Apple Store, that is filled with meditation exercises, daily mantras, and a collection of talks that range from expressing yourself and bedtime affirmations. Incorporating meditation and yoga into my morning routine allows me to start my day off with a clear and productive mind. I usually listen to these with headphones to help cancel out any unwanted noise.


A pair of Beats wireless headphones that are great for listening to podcasts, new music, and videos.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating these into your daily schedule:

  • Journaling/making a list of your dreams and goals - It’s very easy to become discouraged during this quarantine so don’t hesitate to remind yourself of your goals and ambitions!
  • Meditating-- Meditation relieves stress, improves sleep, controls anxiety, strengthens your intuition and improves your attention span.
  • Yoga- decreases stress, relieves anxiety, improves flexibility and balance, and increases strength
  • Reading a book- Crack open that book that’s been collecting dust on your book self! Self-help books definitely come in handy during this quarantine. My book of choice is the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Good thoughts attract good things, so try your best to stay positive during this time.


If you think you made need any additional support during this time UNT Counseling is also offering Telehealth, where students can meet with a therapist via video conference. All you need is internet connection, a camera and microphone.  Another service that is available through Texas Health & Human Services is a 24/7 mental health support line to help those experiencing anxiety or stress due to COVID-19 please contact them at 833-986-1919.


Stay happy and healthy

Personally, it’s extremely hard to be motivated to eat healthy and workout from home. But I found tons of free ways to make sure when the quarantine is over, I pop back into civilization looking and feeling my best!

Pinterest and YouTube are your friends! There are thousands of home workouts and healthy but tasty recipes available and since you have nothing but time, why not try something new to achieve something you’ve always wanted right?

If you’re a yoga beginner like I am or just want to try a new home workout, download the Down Dog app! They’re Yoga for beginners, HIIT, and Bare will be completely free until May 1st. They are also extending those free classes for all students and teachers (K-12 and college), and healthcare professionals until July 1st. If you have access to a porch, balcony or patio, try switching things up a little and take your workout outside and get some fresh air.

Social and physical distancing can be tough and you may be finding imbalance with this new way of life. Implementing these changes into your daily schedule may help relieve some anxiety and unwanted stress to overall help get rid of those quarantine blues.




Aliyaha Jones is a senior journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in anthropology at the University of North Texas. She has experience in social media marketing and event planning and plans to pursue a career in digital public relations.

UNT student, Aliyaha Jones doing her daily workout routine in her front yard.