Welcome to Spring 2021.


Welcome to 2021!

As we all are welcomed into the new year, UNT at Frisco would like to remind you of the important information for the spring semester. Please read all of the following information to stay up to date on resources, guidlines, and opportunities for your Spring semester!

Help protect yourself and others!

  • You are strongly encouraged to get a COVID-19 test and to self-monitor for 14 days before returning to campus. The self-monitoring form can serve as a guide, and you also can use UNT Bridge to access the COVID-19 safety protocols training as a refresher.
  • Daily COVID-19 testing administered by WellHealth continues at the Union Circle Garage. The testing is available with no individual out-of-pocket cost. To register, visit gogettested.com, search for Denton on the map and follow the “Book Now" link on the "Denton – UNT Union Circle Garage – Texas Emergency Management” location. Include the group code "UNT" to allow positive test results to be sent directly to UNT's COVID response team. Testing is offered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, except for holidays.
  • All faculty, staff or students arriving from any international location are being asked to quarantine off campus for 10 days. International students who will be living on campus will be provided with an on-campus quarantine room. To report your international travel to the COVID hotline, call 844-366-5892 or email COVID@unt.edu for instructions on their quarantine period or on-campus quarantine housing.
  • To learn more about the current COVID-19 guidelines for UNT please visit https://healthalerts.unt.edu/.

Important Dates and Deadlines

UNT has extended the payment deadline for Spring 2021 to 6 p.m. Monday, January 11. For additional dates, please refer to the registration guide: https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/spring-registration-guide.

  • Get Frisco Engaged!

    Participate in Frisco Engage for personal and professional development opportunities. Earning your UNT Frisco graduation cords and more. Throughout your time at UNT at Frisco, we will offer 12 different modules of programming. 6 modules focusing on personal engagement enhancing your success in and out of the classroom. The other 6 modules will help prepare you to become a career ready student.

    Students who complete one track (either personal engagement or career) will be eligible for Frisco Engage graduation cords. Students who complete all 12 modules will earn Frisco Engage graduation cords and a graduation medallion.

    Personal Engagement Track Career Ready Track
    Diversity & Inclusion Networking
    Financial Success Personal Brand
    Social Interview Skills
    Wellness Experiential Learning
    Civic Engagement Professional Communication
    Academic Support Career Mapping

    Events can be found and tracked on our Canvas page. Join here!

  • Spring Semester Virtual Support- Counseling & Tutoring

    This semester counseling and academic support programs are available virtually!

    For Counseling Appointments & Virtual Group Therapy visit:

    For Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions, and Academic Coaching visit: