Frisco Engage

Welcome to the Frisco Engage Program!

Throughout your time at UNT at Frisco, we will offer 12 different modules of programming. Six modules will focus on personal engagement (these are our social, wellness, financial literacy, diversity and inclusion, civic engagement and academic support programs). The other six modules will help prepare you to become a career ready student. Students who complete one track (either personal engagement or career) will be eligible for Frisco Engage graduation cords. Students who complete all 12 modules will earn Frisco Engage graduation cords and a graduation medallion.

How do I find Frisco Engage events?

Frisco Engage events will be advertised through this Canvas page, our event calendar online (, and through our social media accounts.

Each different event will be advertised with the icons corresponding to the module of the Frisco Engage program. 

How do I track my progress?

Each time you submit a reflection or assignment for a module, our Student Services Team will mark which modules or parts of modules you have completed. The Student Services team will periodically reach out to students to update your progress.

We also encourage you to use the chart below to track your progress along with the built-in Canvas features such as the 'Grades' tab, that will show you what you have already turned in.

How long do I have to earn my cords and medallion?

The Frisco Engage program can be started as soon as you start your first semester of classes at UNT at Frisco, and can be completed up until 2 weeks before your graduation date. Modules completed one semester will carry over to the next semester.

I have questions about the Frisco Engage program. Who should I contact?

Questions about the Frisco Engage program can be directed to Marly Jordan at

For questions specific to the Career Readiness email Megan Namayi at