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How can I keep in touch with UNT at Frisco Advising?

On behalf of the UNT at Frisco advising team and faculty, we like to wish you and your loved ones a healthy and safe holiday season! As we reflect on this year, we can’t help but think of the classic Friends scene where Ross is yelling “Pivot!” as he carries a sofa up the stairs. That word has been shared all year in our advising office - as we go in one direction, we seem to “PIVOT!”, find a different angle, and go that way instead! Here is some helpful pivoting-tips as we approach the Spring 2021 semester:

Contact Advising

We encourage you to reach out to or schedule a virtual drop-in appointment as you begin preparing for the Spring semester!

Virtual Drop-In Advising

As a reminder, the university will be closed for the winter holiday from December 24th- January 2nd.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Payment deadline for the Spring semester is January 7th, and classes begin January 11th. For additional dates, please refer to the registration guide:

PIVOT! Finally, we have noticed communication has changed quite a bit during this time, and us working remotely and relying on technology more than ever. For us to give you the best assistance, please note the following:

  • Check your MyUNT and please update phone numbers and other directory information. Here are instructions on how update directory information:
  • Make sure you are emailing from your UNT student email. Because of the confidentiality of your records, your student email is considered a secure source of communication.
  • On Non Drop-in advising days, please email We will have staff checking email everyday to address your needs during this time.