Kara Fulton, Ph.D

Chair of New College

Chair of New College & B.A.A.S. Program Director

FIS Link: https://facultyinfo.unt.edu/faculty-profile?query=Kara+Fulton&type=name&profile=kaf0213

Dr. Fulton is an archaeologist and anthropologist focusing on the relationships between humans and the environment, both in the past and in the present.

The geographic focus of Dr. Fulton's archaeological research is the Maya Lowlands of Belize. Her current research explores how community identities affected the resilience of Classic Maya populations when faced with environmental, political, and economic change. Dr. Fulton's methodological expertise includes geochemistry, microartifact analysis, and quantitative modeling.

Dr. Fulton has also been involved in contemporary work to address environmental pollution and redevelopment challenges in at-risk communities. She is currently investigating community perceptions toward local environmental resilience and vulnerabilities.

Finally, Dr. Fulton is interested in pedagogy in both online and face-to-face courses.